All pieces are adjustable to accommodate different body types and styling options.


Some items, including but not limited to Accessories and Restraints are available in set sizing XS-S-M-L-XL. The dimensions for each size are listed with the item. Some Harness designs will also have pre determined sizes to select from and will adhere to the following dimensions. If you find you are towards the largest option for a size, we recommend you choose the next size up to make full use of the buckles.
X SMALL 65CM - 75CM 55CM - 65CM 70CM - 80CM 35CM - 45CM
SMALL 75CM - 85CM 65CM - 75CM 80CM - 90CM 45CM - 55CM
MEDIUM 85CM - 95CM 75CM - 85CM 90CM - 100CM 55CM - 65CM
LARGE 95CM - 105CM 85CM - 95CM 100CM - 110CM 65CM - 75CM
X LARGE 105CM - 115CM 95CM - 105CM 110CM - 120CM 75CM - 85CM
Larger pieces like harnesses are best when made specifically to your measurements. It is up to you whether you wear them tight, or loose and layered. If the sizing options available are not suitable for you, please  contact us for a CUSTOM option. We will add to our sizing library over time, informed by your orders.
Each listing will have instructions for which part of your body to measure. Use the pictures of the harness to help figure out the best place to measure on your body. If you are confused about what specific measurements are required, or are unsure in any way don’t hesitate to reach out.
When ordering a custom fit item, please add your dimensions in the notes section when submitting your order, or by using the contact tool below.